Discover the GEMform 3D printer

GEMform 3d printers is a new project in the world of 3d printing, held by the small company Concept-Craft founded 2014 in Kraków, Poland. The project is a natural continuation of abandoned, very good quality 3d printer, started by non-existing company Pirx3D.

After the very hard and ardous works wielded by more than a year, the prototype has been finished and now is debuting on the market under the trademark Gemform-01.

The Gemform-01 3d printer is a complete project. The machine, which works in FDM technology, has all of the features which are demanded from all high quality, desktop 3d printers. The Gemform-01 works on the open-source software but it can also autonomically print from the SD card. All parameters of the print are displayed on the LCD panel and thanks to the extensive menu can be modified even during printing. The great quality of the 3d prints is realized by the wide palette of the technical features implemented in the device.

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